Agent's Job In A Seller's Market Made Easier

I don’t need to tell you that inventory in San Diego is super low, just about every home that goes on the market gets several offers and sells super-fast. This is great news for the listing agent, but if you’re representing buyers, your job is getting harder by the day. Let me take some of that burden off your hands.

I recently inked a deal with which gives my clients and agents access to Porch’s exclusive Repair Estimate Reports (RER’s). These detailed reports provide an itemized list of the defects and improvement items garnered from my inspection report. Some of the features you and your clients will appreciate include:

· A clear, accurate report with pricing that reflects your specific region. (If repairs cost more than estimated, will cover the difference up to 50% of the estimate. See Details in link.)

· A total cost estimate and itemized list estimates for quick reference.

· Timely delivery allows you to begin negotiations with time to spare.

· Only you, the agent, receives the RER so you remain in control. You can forward it to your client if you wish.

· No more searching for contractors for estimates.

· No more waiting around for call backs while the escrow clock ticks.

· More time to complete other tasks.

The Repair Estimate Report is an essential tool in today’s seller’s market. With Seller’s less willing to negotiate on repairs, the Buyer will likely be the one responsible. Many buyers have inflated ideas of what repairs truly cost. Fear over their inaccurate impressions could unnecessarily kill a deal. Having a reasonable and accurate idea of costs keeps your client grounded in reality with the confidence to stay in the game.

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