Building Your Brand

As agents building your brand and keeping it growing is near the top of your marketing priorities. Some agents use social media platforms, some stay in front of their clients with drip email campaigns and still others roll with old school calendars and note pads. I don’t know if there is ever a wrong way to go about it, I don’t know if anyone does, but I do know that as business people should always be marketing.

What about your vendors? Are they an asset, people you can count on to help you look your best? At Level Best we take your brand as seriously as our own. We know that for every email, call, or text there is most likely a client of yours waiting for a response from you. The faster we can get you an answer the faster you can get back to them. This is why we pick up when the phone rings, immediately respond to texts and answer emails on the spot.

The agents we serve also benefit from a free app branded specifically for them. This offers an added level of professionalism to your business. The app’s home screen has your picture and your logo. In it you can schedule an inspection directly on my calendar, view all your past inspection reports, view a sample report, and contact me. Imagine a client calling with a question about their report and you can give them an answer immediately – no matter where you are. (see a sample of the app)

Once the inspection is scheduled our client receives the agreement and invoice via email which can be signed and paid online. Both you and our client receive reminders of the upcoming inspection via SMS and emails. At no time will your buyer feel lost or in-the-dark. Our automated system keeps everything professional, all the while building your image.

The inspection itself is another opportunity I have to build your brand. I’m on time, clean, friendly (but not overly), I’m careful to be thorough without coming across as a know-it-all or alarmist. If I do come across something serious I will speak to you first, rather than springing it on everybody at the end. I realize that you have the relationship with the buyer, and your input on how to couch potentially bad news can the difference between a sale closing or falling out of escrow.

My reports are professional, thorough, and easy to read. All the important stuff is reflected on the first 3 pages and backed up in the specific sections. (See sample report) Everyone receives the report within 24 hours. The client also receives a follow-up email in three days, 60 days, and again at a year. Every step of the way our professionalism reinforces your client’s decision to use you and refer you to their friends and family.

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