Pre-Listing Home Inspections: Sell Faster, Easier and For More Money.

Planning on selling your home? Should you get a pre-listing inspection? Well, according to the experts… Yes.

Having your home inspected prior to listing it for sale offers a lot of upside.

1. The Truth Shall Set You Free

Any seasoned agent can tell you cautionary tales of deals falling out of escrow after the buyer’s home inspector uncovered a leaky roof, a clogged lateral, or a water heater that is “close to the end of its useful life”. Having a deal fall apart over fairly simple repairs is common enough to take seriously. Spending sleepless nights stressing over whether or not your sale will go through can be minimized, if not avoided altogether, with a pre-listing home inspection.

2. Avoid Losing Money

Your home will be inspected and deficiencies are likely to be uncovered, there’s no avoiding that. Whether this puts you in the driver’s seat or allows your buyer to take you for a ride is up to you. Even an inexperienced buyer will use any deficiency in the inspection report to their advantage. A quick Google search will give them enough information to turn a $1,500 water heater replacement into a $5,000 plumbing disaster. Getting ahead of issues like this can save you a ton of money in credits at the end of the sale.

3. Stand Out From the Competition

With several homes on the market it’s easy for your home to be overlooked. Advertising that your home has had a pre-listing inspection gives perspective buyers a level of confidence your neighbor isn’t offering. Level Best Home Inspection can provide you with "Move-In Certified" logos for your marketing pieces.

4. Speeds Up the Process

Rather than getting bogged down in negotiations and possibly falling out, you can avoid all this by knowing what repairs the home needs and either fixing those items yourself or building them into the price. Your agent will help you price and market your house appropriately and the more they know the better they can perform on your behalf.

Of course, it’s not all unicorns and rainbows, there are a few downsides.

1. The Seller Must Disclose What They Know About the Home

Sure, you’ll have to disclose any deficiencies you learn about, but the buyer’s inspector is likely to find those anyway. Making necessary repairs to the electrical system before listing your house turns a liability into an asset. Now your agent can tell buyers that the ‘seller recently upgraded the electrical’.

2. Home Inspections Cost Money

Most home inspections in San Diego will cost between $375 and $575. Yes, this is money out of pocket, but it will shortly be replaced once your home sells.

3. Repairs Cost Money Too

In some cases the seller is strapped for cash and doesn’t have the extra money for an inspection much less enough to make recommended repairs. In situations like this, it may be necessary to forego a pre-listing inspection and hope for the best in negotiations.

If you decide that a pre-listing inspection is the right strategy for you, call Level Best Home Inspection. We’re certified, clean, professional, and willing to schedule the inspection at a time convenient for you and your agent. If you need a little more encouragement we’ll take $50 off your inspection if you use the coupon code: Pre123 (Good now through May 15, 2019). Call today (858) 204-4209 or schedule your inspection now by clicking HERE.

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