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Structural Inspection

From the foundation to the roof and everything in between, Level Best makes every effort to examine the structure from above and below. Areas where access is limited are inspected with hi-tech equipment to ensure that leaks and other potential problem areas can be discovered and reported. 


Mold is a serious issue, it threatens everything from the structure of the home to the health of its occupants. One doesn't have to actually see mold for mold to exist. It can be growing behind walls, in attics or crawlspaces, the underside of sinks, virtually anywhere. On the other hand just because something looks like mold doesn't mean it is and there's no sense in disqualifying an otherwise perfect home on an unqualified hunch.  We're certified mold inspectors. If you're suspicious that there may be mold in your current home or one you're considering purchasing let us put your mind at ease. We'll take the necessary swab and air samples and send you a full laboratory report in a few days. 

Interior and Appliances
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Testing, testing and more testing. Nothing can ruin that new home excitement like a dishwasher or water heater that isn't performing as expected. We test all installed appliances, plumbing fixtures, drains, and installed electrical components per the stringent standards of practice  set by InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors).

infrared roof leak detection in Ashburn.

Infrared photography is truly the most valuable technological advancement in the home inspection industry in the past 20 years. Our advanced cameras can uncover defects that are otherwise invisible to the human eye. Our cameras, experience and training make finding hidden what others might miss.

Heating and Air Conditioning
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Full inspection of the HVAC system is an integral part of our inspections. No one wants to be blind-sided with unplanned repairs or replacements of expensive equipment. We'll give you a clear picture of the quality and life expectancy of the home's components.

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California law now requires that the seller disclose known vulnerabilities to wild fires.

Level Best Home Inspection will conduct a full Wild Fire Vulnerability inspection of your home and report on the features identified on the state form. Included will be a list of recommendations to meet or exceed California State Wild Fire Hardening recommendations.